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Meta Geo Tag to Target the Perticular Location in SEO

Meta Geo Tag :

Recently a new tag has been added in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and is called as the Meta Geo tag, meaning the Geographic tag and is used for targeting the visitors from a specific region, combination of the google search trends and Geo tag can give fruitful results to you immediately.

This is again a meta tag and it has to be entered with other meta tags that we have already seen before.

When Meta Geo tags are used for your webpages it is said that ranking becomes easier with respect to specific region.

The Syntax of Meta Geo Tag is as:  The best tool for the generation of meta geo tag is:

Meta Geo Tag

Point to be noted:

  If you wanted to dedicate the whole site then place the code in the control html file, between the opening and closing head tag.

If you want to dedicate or target a single post then in the (blogger) post right side select the location and publish, then automatically the geo tag will be taken by the search engines.



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