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Permalinks | Webpage URL Optimization for On Page SEO

Permalinks :

  • Permalinks are the customizable URL ( i.e Uniform Resource Locator).
  • Permalinks said that your URL must have the keywords that your are targeting.
  • An URL is nothing but the page address or post address.
  • Every page or post of your blog has an address and for each post or page we have a set of keywords and for which we desire to get the top rank.
Even though the people think that google displays websites in the search results, but the thing is that the results are not websites, they are the webpages that google displays.

Point to be noted :

   In blogger by default the 'Permalinks' is disabled means you cannot change the URL of any page or post but in wordpress you can change.

Your post or page url must have the least number of "/" (slashes).



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