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Optimizing Meta Description Tag for Search Engine Optimization

Meta Description Tag :

  The meta description tag should not consist of more than 100 words. If it consist of between 80 to 100 words then it makes a good meta description.

for-example: See the following image

Optimizing Meta Description Tag for Search Engine Optimization 1

  Keep in mind that the first 25 words (means 160 characters) of the meta description (tag) should have your keywords. Meta description part is displayed next to the title of each search result in the organic search of Google.

The Syntax of Meta Description Tag is :

<meta name="description" content=" .........."/>

In the "......." part you have to put your webpage description, and keep in mind the first 25 words or 160 characters you enter must have the keywords that you are targeting(to get the desired or top rank).

  • Meta description tag is present in between the <head>  and </head> tags of your webpage.

To have custom meta description for blogger do the following setting:
Go to
  ->> Settings
  ->> Click on Search preferences
  ->> Click on Description(Meta tags)
  ->> Click on Edit
  ->> Click on Yes(Enable search description)
  ->> without writing anythingin the box click on save changes,
  ->> after that for every post you will be able to enter the search description on the right side in the box search description.  

Point to be noted :

 Always the meta description is not displayed but generally it is displayed, most of the time google picks the first 25 words(keywords) of the result webpage text content as meta description. The Meta description of your keyword  which you are targetting must be unique to each webpage of the website. Per webpage there must be only one meta description tag.

* Now a days, this is ignored by the Google because the meta description tag is a traditional concept.



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