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Check the page load speed of your webpage for better performance

Page Load Speed

The page load speed should be higher, that means your website should be loaded in the shortest span of time.

The best tool for measuring the website or webpage load time is the Pingdom tool, and is present at the address as:


 Here it helps you to show the file load time through which you can findout which file is taking a lot of time to load and which file is taking less time to load, it is said that only after all the files of your webpage are loaded then only your page is loaded.

Ideally your webpage should be loaded in shortest span(amount) of time, that is within 3 second, to get the first spot in the search engines.

forexample1: See the following image ( by using tools.pingdom.com )

page load speed of your webpage 1

forexample2: See the following image (by using www.gtmetrix.com)

page load speed of your webpage 2




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