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On Page Optimization Techniques for Search Engine Optimisation

On page optimization :

   On page optimization is nothing but the area of SEO i.e search engine optimization that applies to the content and structure of the website or blog. In this technique all the changes are done within the website and it effect on your webpage listing in natural search results of search engines. This technique involves optimization of headers, internal links, images, tags, text, URL structure, etc. It has got 10% weight-age or we can say 10% marks in SEOOn page optimization is very easy to do and while you are publishing the webpage at that time also you can do it.

On page optimization is the evolution of :

  • tags header
  • meta tags, 
  • title tags
  • font decoration, 
  • alternative text of the image, 
  • alternative text of video, etc.
First of all, you have to choose set of keywords that are related to the content of the website which you are targeting. Second thing is domain page URL and domain name plays an important role in the SEO.

On Page Optimization Techniques for Search Engine Optimisation 1

Be careful :

   While choosing your website name you have to keep in mind the things as: make sure that your website or webpage names are the words from the "keywords" that you are targeting.

Eg. "uk"  



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