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Title Tag Optimization for Search Engine Optimization

Title Tag :

  • Title of webpage should be descriptive
  • Title tag should contain between 65 to 100 letters, and your title tag words should start with your keywords. 
  • In the Google organic search, the title of a webpage is displayed in the title of website that is nothing but the first line of the each result, the title of the website is displayed and it is in blue color.
  • Per webpage there should be only one title tag.
  • Every page of your website must have an unique title.
  • Google reads first 65 characters of your (website's) web title.
  • Your title must start with your keywords that you are targeting to get top rank in search engines.
  • The title of your website has to be attractive so that readers are attracted to click on the website.

The syntax of title tag is as :


The "......." must have your keywords that you are targeting to get top rank in Google or any search engine, (keep in mind) the first 65 characters.
Title tag is present anywhere between the opening and closing of head tag (<head>...........</head>)your webpage.

for-example: <title> On page optimization techniques </title>
Here " On page optimization techniques " is the title.

How to change the title tag in blogger?
->> Go to any blogger site and click on 
Design ->> 
Edit HTML ->> give the title of your homepage just after the <head> tag .

Point to be noted:

 In blogger, title tag is already present, you have to just change the content of the title tag, according to your requirement. but it is advisable that do not change it because the function in title tag will automatically generate titles, dynamically according to the title of the page or post.



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